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Medical Z is recognized by renowned cosmetic surgeons all over the world, and we carry a full line of highest premium grade post-surgical garments for the face, breast, abdominal and liposuction procedures.

Our CoolMax Elegance line is made with a revolutionary fiber that is more breathable and comfortable than any other garment available today. The long lasting efficient compression helps in the healing process after surgery causes strain to the body.

Medical Z post-surgical compression garments (Zbra, Lipo-Panty, and Belts) offers vitality that fuses a distinctive French high-end design for all post-surgery needs.

Easy to use immediately after surgery day and nights, these garments are designed to reduce swelling and bruising while providing effortless movements. Our girdles are invisible under clothes making every day wear manageable. 

At Medical Z we have a goal, to leave you feeling beautiful and confident, with our garments that will provide you with the required results.


MedicalZ has remained a leader in compression garment technology for over 40 years.

Our continued dedication to our company mission has enabled us to be known worldwide as a leader of quality and service.

We have gained recognition for world-class therapeutic garments for the treatment of burn victims and plastic surgery.

- Medical Z was the first manufacturer of post-surgical compression garments, with the Lipo-Panty first introduced in 1989.

- Our compression garments are designed in France and manufactured in the USA (Houston, TX) in an FDA registered facility.

- For quality purposes and as a result of continuous improvement, Medical Z is ISO 13485: 2012 certified.